Added report from Air To Air Mission with Italian KC767A

Added report from Elite 2010 Spotterday at Lechfeld AB, Germany

Added report from Garude Exercise at
Orange Caritat, France

Added report from USA 2009 tour

Added report from Araxos AB, Greece

Added report from Kalamatha AB, Greece

Added report from Kalamatha AB, Greece

Added new Report from Hyéres Spotterday
for 100 ans de Aeronautique Navale

Added new photos of 16/20.05.10 in the
section Military Aircraft

Added report from TLP 2008.5 at
Florennes AB, Belgium


In this site I want to collect some of the most beautiful and interesting photo that I was able to shot in the last few years...

I like expecially the Military Aircraft so you will find an entire section dedicated to them. I've got this passion since I was born becouse my dad, who have the same passion, used to go with me at the near Air Force Bases, like Aviano AFB, Istrana AB, Rivolto AB...

The others section are dedicated to my holydays in the United States on Amerca. Expecially in the west part of them, like those of the big parks on the Rocky Mountains and the Sonora desert.

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