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Yellowstone N.P. :  

The first world national park, as big as Lombardia, where just behind a turn you can find almost every USA north-west wildlife and not only!!


Arriving in the evening from Grand Teton N.P. we entered from south-entrance, where the ingress sign it's pictured from the park million visitors. Going to north we reached the coast of the Yellowstone Lake, along whom dozen kind of aquatic birds live, like the common merganser. and the seagull. Leaving the lake and following the Yellowstone River  we arrived at the Hayden Valley, an enormous valley where hundreds of bisons rest [1][2][3]. Couse of the dark we leave the park and we gone to rest at West Yellowstone, a small turistic town in the trees. 

In the morning we woke up and we gone to the park. Rising the Madison River we meta family of trumper swan, which differ from the european swan for the black peck [1][2], and a little bit later a group of eating elk [1][2]. The river it's an ideal habit also for canadian goose. leaved the Madison we gone to Mammoth hot spring, along the road we met a den of Yellow-Bellied Marmot . Just before arriving at the destination there's a flat area wich host the Swan lake. We reached indeed the terrace, generated from vapor rising thefrom the the deep of the earth. The hot of the vapor it's used also from a non poisonous snake . Leaving the villagge we gone to the Lamar Valley. along the road we met a lonely coyote [1][2] hunting small rodent. Entering in the valley where in the '94 were realesed the Gray Wolf [1][2] we saw only a scared badger . The dark of the night is coming so we returned at home. 

The second day we met, again, the family of swan along the Madison River. Now we gone to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, where there is an amazing fall [1][2]. Leaving the canyon, we return to the Lamar Valley Hoping in a little bit more of lucky, at that time passing to the Dunraven Pass, after this we saw the Antelope Creek valley , wich in the first days of the spring host a lot of grizzly bear wich woke up from the winter rest eating the berries.We was more lucky in the Lamar Valley [1][2] we saw a red-tailed hawk and a couple of wolf but just one I was able to photo also if really far away, but we was able to ear the calling each other , amazing. 

At that time the end of our visit at Yellowstone N.P. we used the last day to visit the geyser's zone. Long the road we met two splendid bull elk which hit each other [1][2][3][4]. By the way we also appreaciated some landscape [1][2] and the Old Faithful, a geyser really regulary which each hour and ten "run"  his show. Indeed se passed the Continental Divide, that sign the edge between atlantic river and pacific river, and then we return to the Yellowstone Lake and we closed the day on the 'Hayden Valley [1][2][3][4]. The day after we had to woke up really soon couse we had a long trip (520 miles)  from West Yellowstone to West Glacier.  

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