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Big Sky :  

Crossed the Yellowstone N.P. we proceed to the North direction Canada crossing Montana. This state couse of the wide space it's called "The Big Sky State".


What to say , a travel long 520 miles, the landscape change from the mountain of Yellowstone N.P. to prairie of Great Falls to the mountain covered by snow of Glacier N.P. Leaving Yellowstone we cross a zone full of hill and wildlife, expecially Mule-deer, a deer with very big ear [1][2]. After, the praerie more or less cropped [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]. By the way this zone is covered poignantly by the american cargo rail web, a thing that permitted me to photo of the engine [1][2]. Just before arriving to the park we entered in one of the northest indian reserve,in this case blackfeet.

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