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Grand Teton N.P. :  

One of the nearest plce similar to the our Dolomiti from a landscape level but also sadly from a traffic.


To be more specific there are a national parc that cover the flat at the foot of the Grand Teton mountain so-collaed by a french pioneer. In this parc lives a lot of birds inside different Habitat from the pound, the forest and the prairie, for exsample there is the Cedar Waxwing [1][2], the Great Blue Heron, the Osprey[1][2], the Bald Eagle[1][2], the pellicans and the gru. But the wildlife doesn't stop here, there are also chipmunk, Beaver, and the Moose[1][2]. But the show isn't limited at the wildlife there's alsosome landscape [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]. Indeed at the bottom of the valley there's Jackson Hole a tipical country city, trasforming us as cow boy. By the way there are olso the Naional Elk Refuge where the thousand of elk lives during the winter and where the bull loose the horn.

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