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Glacier N.P. :  

The only place where during august snowing, at least at certain latitudins. But the day after the sun was shining also if there was an unaffrontable cold wind.


Aslo if the day before was snowing we entered in the park sfollowing the Going-To-The-Sun Road, the only road that link the two side of the park starting from the McDonald Creek then rising the mountain. This permitted to see the snow and the top of the mountain[1][2][3]. Along the road we could see lots of animals, from the butterfly to theGround Squirrel. Once we reached the Logan Pass we make a photo of the valley with mom and dad then scared by strange signale we walked for a bit exposed at the wind to reach the Hidden Lake and so we can catch the Mountain Goat [1][2][3] and a Marmot...[1][2]. Passing the St. Mary lake we entered in the Many Glacier Road where the day before a family was attacked by a big bear and also from a very long distance we saw three Grizzly . Returnong we met a strange mammals along the road, then passing in front of the McDonald Lake during the sunset so we make some pictures.

The second day we repeat the same rout reaching the Logan Pass but we procced to the Canada border. In one of the small stoops we cmake some pictures to the womens of the company[1][2][3][4]. Reentering from the Canada we retried to pass trough the Many Glacier Road searching for bears, and in fact we saw one, in the photo a small black point at the left. In the evening and in the morning we make some pictures of the McDonald Lake [1][2][3]. 

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